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The Ultimate Answer

…not to life the universe and everything, but to the question that my dear friend Liza periodically asks me — why don’t you write more often?

Well, it’s quite simple. My best ideas occur to me when I’m engaged in circumstances where writing is pretty much an impossibility. The shower, for example. When driving down the highway. When driving pretty much anywhere, actually — and no, having a pad on hand does not help. Especially not when I’m in the shower.

And then, when i finally sit down at the computer — my mind’s a blank.

I have great ideas, I really do. I walk around all day with them buzzing around inside my head and no recourse to pencil and paper (or keyboard and screen). They sound great as a commentary, as narrated by the little man in my forehead. “How interesting,” he notes. “Must blog that.”

I know, it’s pathetic, isn’t it?

Still, at least I got one blog post out of my dilemma. Now all I have to do is improve my memory skills. Hypnotherapy, anyone?