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Working Dilemma

Hypothetical situation, crowd-sourcing opinions. Read all the way to the end before giving me the benefit of your opinion.

A person works at a company. Their spouse has been unemployed for over a year and half, and unsuccessful at finding gainful, permanent employment, despite their best efforts.

A job comes up at the company where this person (TP) works, so they give in their spouse’s CV for a potential job. A telephonic interview is conducted between potential boss (PB) and said spouse (SS), and SS is told they will be contacted the following week to arrange a further and more in-depth interview.

The following week, SS receives an irate phone call from PB, to the tune of “where the hell are you?”. It transpires that PB sent a Google calendar invitation to SS, which never arrived (verified), and didn’t follow up on confirming, except to send a reminder TEN MINUTES before the start of proposed interview.

SS is taken aback, and utterly distraught at the thought that a possible job opportunity is disappearing into thin air through no fault of their own, and pleads their case to PB — to no avail.

SS then calls TP and asks for them to call PB and explain the situation, since PB had been so irate at the no-show, that SS believes that she didn’t take in the fact that a genuine misunderstanding had occurred. TP, caught between doing 87 things at once (in the week before Pesach) agrees to call, despite the fact (realised after the event) that it is possibly not the most appropriate of phone calls, under the circumstances.

TP then calls PB, to try to explain, not to beg for further chances or anything — and gets reamed for interfering. PB is CONVINCED that SS knew about the interview because it had been discussed during the original telephonic interview — which SS maintains is completely not the case, and TP is very inclined to believe them, knowing them as they do (being spouses/ spice / whatever) and also knowing that when a person has been unable to find work for over a year and a half, said person is unlikely to fuck up on purpose.

The situation is now like this:
— The job is a no-go, the rejection letter has been sent and received.
— TP has searched the email account of SS, to which she has full consensual access BTW, and no interview date was sent to the calendar. A reminder was sent (mentioned above, 10 minutes before start of the-interview-that-never happened, but the interview does not appear in the calendar, backing up SS’s claim.
— It seems to TP that there was a huge cock-up, and that while apportioning blame does not help, PB could and should accept 100% responsibility for their 50% of the equation.

TP would REALLY like to say the following to PB, but is being cautious because, hey — they do have to work together. However, they don’t have to work together very much, and TP believes that this needs saying:

“I appreciate that it was inappropriate of┬áme to call you in that way the other day. However, my intention was not to beg, or put you in any kind of uncomfortable position, nor did i expect you to help out simply because it was my spouse in question.

“That said, I sincerely hope that you never have to undergo the crippling humiliation of being cast aside like yesterday’s rubbish by a large corporation which buys the company where you have given 13 years of dedicated service, and decides that it no longer has any use for you because you are too expensive. That you should never feel the shame that comes from being unable to secure gainful employment because you’re not in the right age bracket. That your years of hard work have garnered you so many years of useless experience, because you’re too expensive, or “you’d be bored doing this menial shit”, or “i can’t hire you, you’re better than me and would take my job out from under me”. That you should never have to feel depressed at being so useless. That you should never feel the debilitating effects of being on the dole.

“Life looks rosy for you now — at the tender age of 29, working in a start-up with great prospects. However, one thing I have learned in my 45 years. Life is a long road that is full of twists and turns. You never know what’s around the corner.

“Also, karma is a bitch.”