Monthly Archives: October 2012

So… yeah.

It seems as though I’m blogging again. Seems, yes? I promise nothing.

I used to blog a lot — here, and elsewhere. I got taken down by online stalkers, I had my¬†email¬†hacked, I got bored, I saw something shiny — a hundred and more genuine and valid reasons why I ceased to blog. Work got in the way, which was never a problem when all i did was technically write, but as soon as I expanded my horizons to a more prolific set of writing varieties, my need to express my deepest and innermost thoughts and feelings to an internet full of people I didn’t know and would never meet became less pressing.

But now the dust has settled and blogging is no longer the hottest thing on the planet, and hey, looky looky — I’m blogging again. (Thank god for spellchecks, that was nearly “logging”. I know that it’s the fashion to share every intimate detail online, but I fear that discussions about when I produce a log are unnecessarily intimate.) It’s less surprising to me than it might be to you — face it, of my readership, which includes Liza and whoever googled the words “looky looky”, only Liza knows me well, and even she’d be forgiven for being surprised. I would say I buck the trend as a matter of course, but I do tend to do things that are not the hottest shit around, at my own pace. Occasionally I trendset, more often I catch up after everyone else has always moved on. (Like now, basically.)

But still. Writing for me is something I’ve neglected. Bad Trollmamma. I promise to do better.

Oo, look, something shiny.