Monthly Archives: February 2012

Bitchavua Tov

The day (almost) dawns to find me in (not entirely) rare fighting mode. I’m pissed off and bitey, and it’s a happy little combination of horse manure-like occurrences that have fueled this situation.

For starters, why do clients who no longer wish to be clients not have the courtesy to TELL YOU? I plan my work week according to the work I have on my plate. With the 50% job, this is made simple for me, as I do not set my own priorities, rather someone else does (my boss). But with the other 50% of my time, if someone asks me to do something for them, and we agree on how, when, and how much, then I budget my time accordingly around kids, other work, housewifely (ha!) duties and so on. In this case, it was an American style CV, as soon as possible with a finished and polished copy by the end of the week. “Yes, I need it really urgently” said the customer. “Sure, no problem,” quoth I, and we left the conversation with the understanding that the customer would send me a CV in Hebrew for me to translate, upgrade, polish, reformat, add a cover letter to and generally perform on it the magic that is TrollMamma in as short a time-frame as possible. When I received nothing by the end of  yesterday, I called the customer, only to hear some pathetic lame excuse. Dude — man up. Screw up your courage, grab your balls in your hand — and tell me that you don’t need me to reserve my precious time for YOU before the end of the week. It’s called MANNERS. Don’t leave me shaking in the wind like a disconnected todger. Jesus!

Ahem. Next.

How wrong is it to have the expectation that a graphic designer be able to take a concept and run with it? Phrases such as “image demonstrating resigned and not-unhappy managers” should be straightforward enough, you would think, yes? Apparently not. The whole point of being a graphics designer is to be able to hear a concept, be inspired and let your imagination run with it. It is not solely to be able to create flash films, and trawl Google Images. Christ man, *I* can do that — why would I need you? And you, in being inadequate and pathetic, are running the risk of making me look bad. I kept my end of the bargain in this project, i met with the client, understood their vision, and produced the work requested of me, on time, on budget and to the immense satisfaction of the client — and you almost ruined it by being so bad at the profession at which you claim to specialize.

All in all, it has been a major-league WTF week. May next week bring the sweetness, light, fluffy bunnies, unicorns and bright sparkly things that pacify and please me. Shavua tov, y’all.